Sailing Routes for the Greek Paradise of the Cyclades

By Kanika Dabra - February 6, 2020

The Cyclades are undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the world. They offer visitors not only beautiful beaches, but also give them a magnificent view of the landscape and ancient architecture.

In addition to the beauty of the Cycladic island, the discerning sailors enjoy the winds of the high season. Therefore, when you sail on these islands, you need advanced sailing skills and plenty of experience.

We have prepared a 7-day itinerary for a yacht charter from Lavrion for you to make the most of these extraordinary places.

Practical Information

We recommend that you take this cruise on a catamaran or sailing boat (with or without skipper) from April to June and from September to October.

It is best to avoid the months of July and August as this is when the Meltemi blows the most.

License and Certifications

Permits issued by European Union member countries are automatically valid and accepted in Greece. Those outside the European Union are accepted if they meet EU standards. Finally, permits in languages other than English or Greek must be translated.

To rent a boat in Greece, a license is required for sailing boats and most charters will require an ICC.

Greek Legislation

When arriving in Greece, you should remember that all boats must be authorized to enter the port by the authorities. In addition, the ship’s papers, including the crew list and passenger list, are inspected by the port authorities. Customs then registers you in the transit register and issues your authorization. This gives you the permission to sail in Greek waters.

Day 1: Lavrio→Kea

17 nautical miles, 3 hours of sailing

After checking in and fuelling at the port of Lavrio, you can take possession of the boat and sail towards Kea.

Kea is an island not well known to tourists in general. It offers deserted beaches with turquoise waters, atypical villages and extraordinarily friendly inhabitants.

Once you arrive in Kea, we recommend that you anchor in the bay of Otzias, where you will find peace and quiet for the night.

You can also anchor in the bay of Agios Nikolaos located in the North-East of Kea. It is one of the safest natural harbours in the whole Aegean Sea. We recommend that you dine in one of the taverns that offer delicious, local seafood dishes.

Day 2: Kea→Andros

24 nautical miles, 3 hours 20 minutes of sailing

Andros is an authentic and quiet island with very contradictory landscapes. You may encounter a mountainous landscape and then turn your head and you will find a landscape with a very developed vegetation. Due to its highly developed fauna and flora, the island is a popular site for hikers and culture lovers thanks to its artistic and cultural heritage.

To spend the night, two options are available to you. You can anchor at the port of Batsi, a charming village where you will find food and drink and enjoy a small aperitif on this second day of sailing or you can anchor at the main port of the island, Port Gavrio.

In the case of strong winds, mooring at the port of Batsi is not recommended.

Day 3: Andros→ Tinos

26 nautical miles, 3 hours 40 minutes of sailing

Tinos is an island preserved from mass tourism. Here you will find a village with impressive religious buildings such as the Panagía Evangelístria church on the heights: emblem of the city and the most important place of pilgrimage of the Greek Orthodox.

We advise you to relax on one of the paradisiacal beaches of this island. There you will be alone in front of warm and transparent waters.

You can for example visit the beaches Agios Fokas, Kionia, Panormos or Kolimbirthra.

About the anchorage, you have two options: anchoring at the port (popular for its cafes, restaurants, and architecture). Or in the bay to the east of the port for more tranquility.

Day 4 : Tinos→ Mykonos

15 nautical miles, 3 hours of sailing

On this fourth day of sailing, set course for the famous Mykonos!

Famous for its beautiful white houses and nightlife. This island is a place that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

For the anchorage, you will not be able to anchor in the old harbour. Head for the new Tourlos port to be able to moor your boat. A shuttle boat will take you to the old port for 2 euros. A second possibility is to anchor in the bay of Aghia Anna in order to enjoy the beaches of Mykonos.

Day 5 : Mykonos →Delos

30 nautical miles, 4 hours 20 minutes of sailing

After this festive night spent in Mykonos, head west towards the island museum of Delos. This sailing time is about 40 minutes. Delos is a very popular archaeological site. Here you will find emblematic places of Greek mythology.

It is forbidden to anchor at night on this island. However, we advise you to spend the night at anchor in Rinia Bay.

Day 6 : Delos → Syros →Kithnos

19 nautical miles, 2 hours 40 minutes of sailing

For one of the last stopovers of this cruise, sail towards Syros, capital of the Cyclades. You will be able to put your feet on the ground to discover the architecture of the city of Emoupolie.

We recommend that you visit Finikas, located on the southwest coast of the island. It is a small fishing village where you will find charming taverns and cafes. You will be able to anchor here. It offers excellent protection from the Meltemi.

After this stopover, sail towards an island that has kept its authenticity: Kithnos also called Thermia.

During this stopover you will be able to relax in the hot water thermal springs in Loutra. You will also be able to meet the colourful flowers, turquoise waters, fine sandy beaches and caves.

For your last night at sea, you can anchor in a pebble cove, on a heavenly beach or at the Merichas marina located on the west coast of the island.

For the anchorage, beware of submerged riprap in places.

Day 7 : Kithnos →Lavrio

25 nautical miles, 3 hours 30 minutes of sailing

On this last day of sailing, it’s time to return to port. Direction Lavrio. During this last crossing open your eyes wide and you will see the temple of Poseidon.

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