Do’s and Don’ts: Boat Partying in Miami

By Kanika from SamBoat - June 20, 2023

One of the best ways to spend your day once you have rented a boat in Miami, is to have a boat party with your closest friends. Or, you may be invited to one of the many boat parties held daily in Miami. Either way, it is important you know proper etiquette once being invited on one of these days, so here are our top dos and don’ts while you party the day away while sailing in Miami.


Thank the skipper

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The skipper is the reason you are lucky enough to be able to go out on your boat party and is the person keeping you safe during your charter. Make sure to properly appreciate your skipper by not only respecting them during the charter but also thanking them at the end with a tip.

Be on time

Unlike other parties in Miami, when you are having a boat party there is no such thing as fashionably late. With the timings with both harbours and other boats, as well as the tides, it is important that when a boat says it is leaving it sticks to a schedule. Thus, if you are invited to a boat party and don’t show up on time, there is a high chance the boat will already be gone when you get there.

Pack the right clothing

When getting invited to a party on a boat in Miami, it is easy to want to wear what you would wear on a night out on Ocean Drive. However, a boat party is still on a boat and so it is important to be practical with your outfit choice. We recommend not wearing heels or other uncomfortable shoes for your safety, as well as bringing a spare change of clothes in case you get wet. If you are wondering what to pack, check out our article on what to bring to a boat party!

Follow instructions

Above all, safety on board is the most important factor to consider. Your Captain or Skipper will be the most knowledgeable on how to keep safe, so it is important to listen and follow instructions when they are directed at you, for both your safety and the safety of everyone else onboard.


Drink a lot and swim

The number one rule while on a boat is the number one rule for a reason. Drinking and swimming will cause nothing but problems as alcohol removes inhibitions and numbs the senses making it difficult to climb or swim. If you do choose to drink and swim, your Captain or Skipper will likely choose to escort you off the boat, so make sure you are following instructions.

Forget your speaker

One of the best parts of a boat party is that you can be as loud as you want to at sea, and having a speaker, particularly a waterproof speaker, can make a boat party that much better. Enjoying the music and the water creates a brilliant atmosphere while out at sea!

Harm the environment

While the safety of the people on board might be the highest priority, the safety of the surrounding environment is also important to protect. Respecting the environment and keeping your boat party eco-friendly is one of the most vital parts of your boat party, so make sure not to litter or damage marine life while enjoying your charter.

Show up with nothing

A boat party, like any other party, is a big event that has been thrown by someone. While you should thank your skipper or captain with a tip, you should also not forget the person who rented or lent the boat to you for you to enjoy your day. Therefore, you should bring a gift for your host for them to enjoy for the day, such as food or drinks.

Forget to wear sunscreen

If there’s one must-have item for your boat party, it is your sunscreen. The UV in Miami is incredibly high, which means the chances of harming your skin are high and so it is important that you not only wear sunscreen but top up during the day.

If you are looking forward to your boat party in Miami, and are looking for more inspiration, check out our Miami dayboat route, which takes you around some of the best beaches and bays on the coast of Miami and is the perfect route to take for your next boat party!

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