Can’t decide on a specific boat? Here’s what you need to know.

By Kanika Dabra - October 12, 2018

What type of boat makes for a really good outing?

Going fishing? Prefer watersports? At Samboat, one of the questions we receive most frequently is what type of boat should a person rent for their thrilling vacation. Obviously, this depends on a lot of factors and will rely on what your specific desires are for the outing. With the various options available, this can be quite overwhelming. 

There are different things to consider, such as how many people will be on the boat as well as what waters you will be boating through. You can immediately hit the waters with literally any boat, but there are some boats that are better suited for specific activities than others.

To give you a better idea of the different boats available and what their specific purposes are, keep the previous questions in mind and you’ll be sailing comfortably in no time!


If your plan is to focus on watersports, you’ll want to go for an inboard towboat, as these are the most popular for this. Whether it be wakeboarding, water skiing, or tubing, these boats are fast and more powerful than the rest. The manoeuvrability of this motorboat makes it easier to cut through the waters and get the most from your watersport excursion. As you’ll notice, a solid, fast and stable motorboat is the most desirable.

To best determine what type of motorboat you will take out, you’ll need to first figure out what type of activity will be primarily performed, what the skill level is, and obviously your budget. If your goal is just to go out, get wet and have some fun, most towboats will provide more than enough adventure. From complete beginners to advanced riders, there will be several solutions available.


When it comes to spending a day out in the sea fishing, your options become much, much bigger. In our opinion, if you want a versatile boat that can serve different purposes, such as taking the family out or being an awesome fishing boat, you’ll want to go with a centre console. For complete comfort, you’ll want a vessel that provides stability, but also offers strength. With a centre console, you’ll be able to throw on some extra cushions to take more people out and even leave them on for the select few that don’t have their fishing lines out.

Another perk of these types of vessels is they’re easy to load onto a trailer, which makes it desirable if you fish in different kinds of water.


Of course, one of the most prominent vessels to hit the waters is the traditional sailboat. We all know of the rich history surrounding sailboats, as we can date them back to the early times. With new innovations and designs, sailboats are now as comfortable and even have motors now depending on your specific needs.

When it comes to renting a sailboat, it will solely depend on the purpose of your outing. You’ll have to balance your needs sorted by maximum passengers, comfort, space and the duration of your journey to see the desired amount of cabins you will need. Sailing undoubtedly will present a new level of tranquillity and plenty of space to work on your suntan.

Luxury yacht

If you’re wanting to splurge and enjoy the perks of a luxurious vessel, there are endless possibilities when it comes to luxury yachts. As was the case when choosing a sailing boat, the options that are available to you in this category are astonishing. Mix the comfort and elegance, along with a bit of sophistication and you’ll be able to explore exclusive ports in a completely unique experience. If you’re ready to have the dream experience, you should rent a luxury yacht and explore the most beautiful coastlines.


In recent years, the popularity of catamarans has been increasing and for good reason. The added comfort these boats provide is unmatched along with their wide-open living spaces. For most families, this is ideal as it provides plenty of space along with increased stability. Although it is very popular, it is not ideal for novices as they can be hard to navigate. Take a catamaran out with a skipper to fully enjoy these beautiful vessels.

As with all of the boats previously described, the important thing will be to sort out your needs and choose a watercraft that will best suit you. Even though there are a ton of options and you may not be the most experienced, you can rent a boat with a skipper or guide. If you choose a skipper, they will know of secret spots and have extra tips on the sailing area. If you choose a captain, they can help you perfect your sailing skills.

One of the important things is having the option to sort through thousands of boats that best suit your main goal.  Don’t worry, we’ll support you with any choice you pick! 

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