Are you planning a boating vacation this summer?

By Kanika Dabra - August 7, 2018

Everyone has the dream of sailing in iconic sailing spots around the world. The old adage rings true in that the grass always looks a little greener on the other side of the fence. And after all, the joy of sailing is discovering new lands and going on new adventures.


Perhaps a dream destination could be a location in the Mediterranean like the Ionian islands in Greece, or island hopping from Formentera down to Menorca in the Balearics. Or perhaps you have always dreamt of crossing the Pacific Ocean and discovering French Polynesia. It seems that everyone has a bucket list destination that is too far to reach by boat within a day or two.



The reality hits home when you realize that you simply can’t get the time off to sail your boat half way around the world. However, a solution is at hand thanks to the growth of person to person boat rental services. While you won’t be able to sail your own boat, you can shop around and hopefully find the perfect boat to rent. Perhaps it will even be a boat you have always wanted to sail! An added bonus is that if you choose to use person to person boat rental services, then it’s likely that you will get a great deal as they are often much cheaper than chartering a yacht.


Perhaps on your own yacht you have a great MFD or PC based marine navigation software, however, you can’t bring that with you. Although you will of course bring paper charts, having heaps of paper charts can be a nuisance now that you’re used to route planning using charting software. So why not look at an iPad based app. The iPad is the ideal go between as while it may not have all the features of an MFD or a PC based marine navigation system, you can carry it with you anywhere and now you can integrate GPS, AIS and in one case, even radar!


Marine Navigation Software apps for iPad are ideal if you decide to rent a boat half way around the world. You can navigate in Vector charts as well as Raster charts and map your route in 2D or 3D which is great when you want to get a better idea of new terrain. On top of that, TZ iBoat is more than just a charting app as you can synchronize it with your on-board GPS, AIS, radar via Wi-Fi to the app!

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