Reduce your travel expenses with onPony

By Kanika Dabra - May 31, 2018

Traveling in this world ain’t cheap, you already know that.

But what if I told you there is a way to keep traveling while reducing your expenses?

In the world of traveling apps, meet onPony, a platform that connects people looking to send something with travelers.

Basically, onPony will connect two people. Someone who wants to send an object abroad and a traveller going to this specific country.

Instead of paying high delivery fees and waiting for days before actually finalizing the transfer, a traveller will do it for you for quicker with a way lower price.

It’s a win-win situation!

The story of how this service was created deserves some words too, as it’s quite an interesting one.

Back in 2014, Nivi (onPony’s Founder) had to remove his wisdom tooth. He was living in Istanbul at this time and getting the wisdom tooth removed hurt, a lot. The only way to get his homoeopathic medicine was to ask a friend, in Italy, to bring him the medicine to Turkey. Unfortunately, none of his friends were planning to come to Istanbul. Then he thought that “if I could get in touch with all these people that are traveling nowadays, I could immediately solve this problem”.

ADDITIONal services for better saving

At Samboat, we are all travelers at heart, looking for the best tips to explore the world at the best prices: last minutes deals, peer-to-peer services, price alerts, you get the picture. Everyone has their own tips to share and this might be one of our favorite ones.

And you want to know the best part?

It works for mainstream destinations as well as unknown gems.

Say you are planning to go sailing in the Balearic islands. Mallorca can be quite crowded during summer time. Being a famous touristic destination, hundreds of thousands of people look for the Mediterranean’s sun. As a result, prices increase, and so does your travel budget.

But what about using onPony for delivering an object to Mallorca to reduce the cost of your plane ticket. Arrive in Palma de Mallorca,  finish the object’s delivery and that’s it. Now you can enjoy the holidays knowing that you already saved money.

Why not head directly to the marina and take advantage of the sharing economy to rent a boat 40% cheaper than the usual “boat rental” company. Using Samboat, you’ll create unforgettable memories without breaking your bank.

The bonus?

The fantastic island of Mallorca has hidden gems that you can access only by boat. Sail away from the crowd and enjoy a trouble-free vacation with your friends and family. For example, Cala S’Estaca, a lovely harbour, is accessible by boat, but almost impossible to reach by land.

Travel hacking is not over yet.

Going back to your home country, why not use what our friends at onPony built ? Choose your departure day, connect with someone looking to send an item to your city and that’s it ! Money saved, once again.

So let’s summarize. For traveling to a popular (and expensive during summer) place such as Mallorca, you can reduce your expenses  by simply using onPony and its delivery service, plus saving money on an incredible experience with Samboat’s boat renting platform.  All of this, without hustling.



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