Covid-19 Cancellation Insurance – Your questions answered

By Kanika Dabra - October 22, 2020

Your desire to sail is as strong as ever, but you don’t want to take the risk of booking a boat in the current conditions. SamBoat has the solution with the new Covid-19 cancellation insurance.

Covid-19 Insurance – Frequently asked questions

1) Can I cancel my rental before the departure date?

You develop symptoms related to Covid 19 and need to be tested (with a prescription).

-You or your crew are positive for coronavirus (must show proof of test)

-You were in contact with a person with coronavirus (under presentation of a positive test)

-You are denied boarding by the reserved means of transport following a temperature check.

2) Am I insured if I’m late to my rental?


-If I am positive for Covid 19

-If I have had to perform a test due to a suspicion of Covid-19

3) Can I interrupt my stay?

Yes – Following illness or death related to Covid-19 during the stay

4) Am I insured if I am quarantined at my destination?

Yes – Hotel fees are paid if an extension of stay is necessary due to quarantine

5) How do I subscribe to the covid-19 special cancellation insurance?

When you pay for the reservation, you can take out this special Covid-19 insurance. You will not be able to subscribe to it once the rental is already paid for.

6) What is not covered by the Covid-19 special cancellation insurance?

-Cancellation due to travel restrictions as a result of a border closure resulting directly from a pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization.

-Cancellation due to quarantine in my country or country of destination.

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