10 Startups that will revolutionize your way of traveling

By Kanika Dabra - February 1, 2017

Are you bored of traveling in a conventional way? Are you sick of buying expensive train tickets and paying for hotel rooms that look almost the same no matter where you go? Do you want to get in touch with locals and travel in an easy, creative and varying way? Have a look at the 10 following startup and be a part of the collaborative travel community!

Yescapa: Peer-to-peer motorhome rental

Yescapa is the leader in private motorhome hire with more than 3000 vehicles available in Europe. It is a platform that makes motorhome, campervan and converted van rentals between individuals safe and easy. With Yescapa you are sure to be ready for your next adventure!

Surf Air: Private jet hire

Looking for a new way to fly? In that case the club of Surf Air is just perfect for you. For one monthly fee, members book unlimited private flights and travel in a company of an inspiring community. Great for obscure routes or those wanting a taste of luxury without the astronomically sky-high price tag.

Spinlister: Rental Bikes, Snow, and Surf equipment

Launched on April 1st, 2012, Spinlister was created as a peer-to-peer bike rental platform to connect the cycling universe, help the environment, and encourage private sharing. Today you can also rent snow and surf equipment from people all over the world.

PiggyBee: Crowdshipping Community

Individuals can send or transport objects with help of the PiggyBee platform and its worldwide travel community. Get a reward (and make money) from your trips or save costs on your purchases abroad and your long distance shipments. PiggyBee allows deliveries by trusted and verified travellers.

MealSharing: Home cooked food sharing

Enjoy home-cooked meals with locals around the world. Love eating? Be a guest! Love cooking? Be a host! A community that loves food, travel, & people. Meal Sharing builds communities through shared resources, facilitates deeper cultural exchange, and encourages people to cook at home to enable a healthier lifestyle.

Trip4Real: Guided tours between individuals

With Trip4Real you can experience a city like a local. They offer tours and activities for travellers that are hosted by local insiders. Backpackers, foreigners and holiday guests can experience a destination like they would live there themselves!

Nomador: Housesitting Community

Members of the Nomador community look after the pets and homes of other people while they are away and get free accommodation in exchange. Nomador sets high value on trust, care, global awareness, generosity of spirit and sharing. In case you are interested in other cultures, you are open-minded and have a strong sense of commitment you should definitely try out Nomador!

Samboat: Peer-to-peer boat rental

Samboat is the peer-to-peer boat rental website you absolutely need to know. The startup connects boat owners with boat renters. Over the platform you can rent at lower costs all over Europe. Among other marvellous destinations you can rent a boat in Corsica, French Riviera, Greece, Italy or Spain.

Under the doormat: Peer-to-peer home rental

Under the doormat is a platform focused on London that provides you with the comfort of a home and the service of a hotel. You can stay in the houses of interesting and well-travelled locals while they are away, step straight into their lives and unlock the secrets of the city. Instead of having empty houses, homes will be loved and lived in – by carefully screened, respectful and like-minded guests.

HiyaCar: Peer-to-peer carsharing platform

HiyaCar is a peer-to-peer car sharing community in the UK. Cars can be rented with insurance and breakdown cover included. It aims to turn the millions of private cars sitting idle on drives and streets into a virtual fleet of cars for hire. The platform offers a bigger choice, affordable rates and a friendlier way to hire a car.

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