7-day boat trip in the Bay of Naples

The Amalfi Coast stands out from the rest of the Italian landscape for its rugged terrain and unique natural scenery. By sailing along the southwest coast of Italy you will discover charming little coves, as well as inland landscapes, such as cultural sites, vineyards and volcanic landscapes.  Discovering Naples We suggest that you start your sailing itinerary along the Amalfi Coast fr

The 5 best places to discover Mediterranean sea life

The Mediterranean is one of the most amazing places if you are craving for sea activities and will make you fall in love with the nature and diversity that inhabits it. It hosts over ten thousand species with about 25% of endemic creatures, a place you should definitely explore if you are a sea life enthusiast! What makes the Mediterranean so special for marine ecosystems is the mix between te

6 best fishing destinations in Europe

Fishing is one of the most enriching activities to enjoy with family or friends. It helps us to clear our minds and take the stress out of our daily routine. In this blog, we list the six best destinations to go fishing. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out in the sport. Canary Islands If you want to enjoy fishing and lovely weather, we recommend you to go to the C

Family Sailing: 10 dream destinations

Sailing with your family can create unique and unforgettable memories but there are a few things to be aware of before you set sail. To ensure a good experience for the whole family, you need to take into account the youngest members of the crew. Children and teenagers tend to get bored easily, so choosing attractive destinations is essential to avoid discouraging them. We have listed a few de

Zakynthos Itinerary: 7 days to explore the island & its surroundings

Do you want to explore Zakynthos and its most beautiful beaches? This seven-day itinerary is ideal for you. Zakynthos is the third-largest island of the Ionian group, it is an exotic island with wonderful scenery and beautiful beaches. Zakynthos is ideal for all types of sailors, especially for beginners. Explore all its secrets and visit beautiful places not far from this huge island by c

4 islands to visit and sail in winter

Winter has landed, and with it, the cold, wind and rain. When temperatures drop, people tend to look for warmer destinations to visit during their winter holidays or decide to go to the mountains to practise snow sports. They forget about the sea and boats and most of the time people do not consider sailing as part of their holiday activities. The cold weather and rain could indeed make the exper

Top 5 Spanish islands for sailing

Spain has always been a popular travel nation in Europe due to its charming exotic culture and well-known cuisine. Spain also has many islands located in the Mediterranean Sea popular with international tourists every year. Compared with mainland Spain, its islands seem more likely ideal sailing destinations in summer. Now Samboat will bring you into the top 5 Spanish islands for sailing in this

Your best travel guide in Corsica

Corsica is the most popular tourist island of France which is a historic island located in the south of France formed 250 million years ago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island possesses rich nature resources including breath-taking mountains and endless coasts. There are tourists coming from all over the world for the island every year. Samboat here as your best travel guide to visit Corsica.

The best places to navigate in Crete Island

Overview of Crete Crete is the largest among Greek islands and the fifth largest island in Europe located in the south of Greece mainland right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is regarded as a diverse and vibrant land, especially known for the ancient ruins, bustling cities and breathtaking beaches. Crete has temperate Mediterranean climate often with mild and rainy winters, and

Top 5 European Cities to Rent a Boat in Rivers for A Day

One day of sailing On the European continent, there are many navigable places that people always yearn for. Travelers often bring their friends or family on a sea cruise for a few days. However, there are also many picturesque places in Europe that provide you with one day’s sailing options. Next, Samboat will introduce you one by one about the 5 cities in Europe that you can’t miss for sa