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By Kanika from SamBoat - August 31, 2021

Corsica is the most popular tourist island of France which is a historic island located in the south of France formed 250 million years ago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island possesses rich nature resources including breath-taking mountains and endless coasts. There are tourists coming from all over the world for the island every year. Samboat here as your best travel guide to visit Corsica.


In Corsica, the official spoken language is French. But many of people from Corsica are bilingual or trilingual due to history reasons. Italian and the local Corsican language Corsu are used often as well especially in rural areas. You don’t need to worry about language barrier there since Corsica is a popular travel destination all the time, English is quite useful in Corsica.


Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica, which is a port city situated in the western coast of the island. You may haven’t noticed that Ajaccio is also the birthplace of French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte. Ajaccio is sure having rich historic landmarks and precious cultural heritages for you to explore. Maison Bonaparte is a museum derived from Napoléon’s ancestral home. In Ajaccio, you can always rent a boat to discover the city’s amazing historic heritages and landscapes such as Notre-Dame Cathedral, Fesch Museum and Archipel des Sanguinaires. Samboat has prepared all boat rental for you in Ajaccio.


Bonifacio is located in the southern tip of Corsica Island. The town is definitely worth a visit as it is full of medieval heritages and white sandy beaches. The Bastion de l’Etendard, built in the 13th century, has a small museum showing the history of the town. L’Escalier du Roi d’Aragon is 187 ancient steps carved into the cliff surface. In the southeast, the uninhabited Lavezi Islands is a nature reserve with granite boulders and sandy beaches. Hiring a boat for visiting Bonifacio is the best way you can capture the stunning views. Samboat is there for your boat rental in Bonifacio.


Porto-Vecchio is a port city on the island of Corsica. In Porto-Vecchio you will walk pass the walls of a 16th-century Genoese castle, which are the background of the old town, with views of the marina filled with yachts. Shops, bars and restaurants. Here you will for sure enjoy your stays as all can be found in the narrow streets of the town and the main square, Republic Square. Famous beaches are nearby include Palombaggia, pine-lined sandy beaches and the lagoon-like Santa Giulia. Visiting by sailing in Porto-Vecchio will highlight your trip in Corsica, Samboat prepares all boat rental for you in Porto-Vecchio.


Bastia is a city located in the north of the island of Corsica. The city is perfect destination for sailing as it has numerous historic attractions in the city as well as many worth-going restaurants and bars. In Bastia, you will surely have a great time. As for the landmarks in Bastia, you will capture the St. Nicolas Square, Citadelle de Bastia, Napoleon Street and Romieu Garden. In Bastia, you will also have the opportunity for the sandy beaches to get a sunbath. Renting a boat to have a great time with your friends and families in Bastia is a perfect. Samboat is there for boat rental in Bastia.

Visiting Corsica, Samboat is your best travel guide with full types of boat rental for you.

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