The best places to explore by boat in Guadeloupe

By Kanika from SamBoat - March 24, 2022

Guadeloupe is an island in the French West Indies lying in the Caribbean Sea. This little corner of paradise has no shortage of activities, with waterfalls and paradisiacal beaches. Chartering a boat in Guadeloupe will charm explorers seeking adventure as well as those seeking peace and quiet. You can sail along paradisiacal beaches and wild islands aboard a sailboat or catamaran.

The islands of Guadeloupe are divided into 2 large zones:

  • Grande Terre: where most of the beaches are. 
  • Basse Terre: This is the wilder part with the famous black sand beaches and the National Park of Guadeloupe.

We have selected the best places to sail in Guadeloupe.

When to sail in Guadeloupe? 

Like all Caribbean islands, Guadeloupe has a tropical climate. The best time to sail in Guadeloupe is during the dry season, between December and May. If you decide to charter a sailboat in Guadeloupe, you will be sailing in the trade winds, which are regular winds blowing at 20-30 km/h all year round. 

The most beautiful islets to explore by boat in Guadeloupe

Gosier islet

A small island with palm trees, small beaches and white sand. You will also find the second oldest lighthouse in Guadeloupe. It is a red lighthouse that marks the entrance to Pointe-à-Pitre. You can easily approach by boat and drop anchor to explore the island.


Discover this small archipelago that is only 1 hour away from the main island of Guadeloupe. You will find a warm Caribbean atmosphere and it is considered the 3rd most beautiful bay in the world by the locals. 


Grand-Islet is a small uninhabited island in the Saintes archipelago. It is completely wild, ideal if you want to get into the shoes of an explorer. 

Marie Galante 

Marie Galante is also known as the island of 100 mills, feel free to spend a couple of days there to enjoy all its beaches. This island was once dedicated to the exploration of sugar cane. You will find small street vendors and a distillery. 

La Désirade

Off the coast of Saint-François lies the island of la désirable, populated by only 1700 inhabitants. This small island is little known to tourists and is therefore very well preserved.

The most beautiful beaches that you can reach by boat in Guadeloupe

Anse du Souffleur

The Anse du Souffleur is located on the north-western side of the island of Grande Terre, near Port Louis. It is a vibrant beach and you will find plenty of merchants selling local products. 

Caravelle Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Guadeloupe! It is located near Sainte-Anne and the famous Club Med holiday club. You can lay your towel next to the iguanas and coconut trees. 

Anse Bertrand 

Located near Anse du Souffleur, Anse Bertrand is much more secluded and less known to tourists. It is the ideal place for a quiet and relaxing break. 

Anse Caraïbe 

It is the Caribbean beach by excellence with its local music and delicious codfish. It is not unusual to see turtles on these beaches. 

If you enjoyed this trip around Guadeloupe, check out our sailing routes in the Caribbean that we have prepared for you. We guarantee you a fun-filled holiday!

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