Top 8 Online Sailing Apps

By Kanika Dabra - October 1, 2019

Currently, there have emerged some amazing apps for sailors and boaters worldwide. These apps not only give you accurate weather and tide information but also update you on various routes and marine traffic. Moreover, they also provide you with timely information about wind in your area and also allow for real-time language translation.

Here are the best 8 sailing apps in the market right now. They are chosen because of their accuracy, convenience and their quality for helping you have a safe and precise navigation.

Let’s have a look.

Garmin ActiveCaptain

The Garmin ActiveCaptain provides unlimited access to the user’s cartography. It contains charts, maps and ensures the captain is provided with all the latest information. It also connects various captains and helps them become part of a community that shares information on routes and marine traffic. Moreover, the app is free and allows you to create your own routes, save them, and transfer them easily.

GRIBview Sailing by Theyr

This app allows you to view weather forecast and other related information in high resolution. This allows the captain to navigate through winds and tough weather easily. Moreover, it provides the captain with free worldwide forecast data and also keeps him updated on the oncoming weather. But the best thing about GRIBview is that it can also be downloaded for offline use, which comes in handy when there is no internet signal around. The app is available for 14, 99 € per month.

Windfinder Pro

As the name suggests, Windfinder is certainly a pro at what it does. It is easily downloaded and provides you with thorough and detailed information regarding weather, tides, waves and other forecast information. It works in more than 8000 locations all around the world. Moreover, the app also informs you about possible temperature and humidity changes in the environments. This app costs 6, 99 € and is mainly useful when you are planning your sailing trips for the future.


The interesting name is not the only unique feature of the AyeTides sailing app. It is a very popular app that provides you with updated tables of tides and interactive graphs about the currents from more than 12 500 places around the world. This helps you better navigate your trips close to shote. Moreover, the app which will cost you 8, 99 € provides you with accurate information on sunrise and moonrise. And it also doesn’t require a network connection to work.

United States Coast Guard

This free app is considered one of the best, mostly because it gets amazing reviews from users who recommend it for all kinds of trips. The app ensures safety by updating you on requirements and safety laws that you should always follow. Moreover, the app lets you get weather information and run a quick safety check on your boat. Another interesting feature of the US Coast Guard app is that it allows you to report pollution and other suspicious activities online. The last bonus is the Emergency Assitance button which will contact the closest Coast Guard command center.

Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic’s main aim is to ensure that you don’t get into any collisions with other boats. This is because often, marines and waterways are congested and can lead to accidents. The app allows you to view positions of other boats, thus ensuring your safety for 4, 99 €. Moreover, the app allows you to track your own course and estimate your location relative to major ports.


This sailing app is well designed and is considered as one of the most advanced apps on the market. It provides you with an accurate chart plotter and proper navigation tools that help you find the best routes and conditions in your locality. The app can be trusted because it gathers and combines weather data from a plethora of trusted sources and gives you a wholesome picture that you can rely on. This online sailing app has a price of 5, 49 €. Moreover, it allows you to find good fishing spots near you, monitor tides, and even share your route with other sailors.


Navily is often considered as the most innovative online sailing app. The reason for this honor is not only its accuracy and precision but also the convenience it ensures to its users. It gives you a vast knowledge of various routes that you can use to navigate easily. Moreover, with Navily, you can connect with thousands of mariners and learn from their experiences. In addition, the free app is very easy to use as it translates all the weather-related information into your language.


Navionics provides marine and lake cartography for GPS chart plotters. It is accessible through its mobile app and online platform. Its main functions include creating personal maps with the possibility to overlay shades and create routes for sailing trips. Another great feature of Navionics is its sync feature, allowing owners to easily transfer data and update their map layers


I-Boating is a marine navigation app providing route plotting services for your sailing trips. It is primarily distinguished by its automating features, and therefore by its simplicity. A user’s only task will be to determine a destination and the app will render the best possible route. It does so by taking into account different hazards by exploiting its databases, created from verified navigation charts.

After choosing the best sailing app, you can plan in safety your next adventure to the sailing destinations that make you dream the most!

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