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Boat Rental Anzio & Yacht Charter

Rent a skippered or bareboat in Anzio

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The city of stunning ruins and the blue waves


A train ride from the centre to the south of Rome lies Anzio, a snug little city in Italy, well known for its port system, and ferry rides, a perfect place to escape from reality and daily life. This city laid hidden from the world before 1944, basking in the glory of its landscape and preserving its natural charm and beauty.

The early twentieth century was very favourable towards Anzio, as it was labelled the hot spot beach destination to its surrounding cities and islands. Still hidden from the world at large, Italians truly reaped the beauty and extravagance of the place.

Sights to visit when in Anzio, Italy:

  1. Riserva Naturale di Tor Caldara – the castle that stood the test of time:

A tour of this castle is like attending a history lecture. Better than that, it is like travelling back in time and witnessing the result of war first hand. This particular castle survived the Second World War; tourists can actually see the holes utilized by the American soldiers during the course of the war.

A quiet and calm walk around the beach is nothing short of an escape from the lively and crowded streets of a city.

  1. The War Cemetery:

The Anzio War Cemetery shows the true respect and admiration that the country has for its and American soldiers, who laid their lives to protect the innocent in the Second World War. It is also a memorial where the visitors can learn about the life and struggles of the countless soldiers and reminds the country and its people of the debt that they still owe to them.

The cemetery also serves as a park which is surrounded by lush green grass, giving the aura of calmness and serenity.

  1. Lido La Playa – your go-to cafe:

One of the best cafes on the beach, Lido La Playa gives the visitors a chance to surprise their palate with a variety of cuisine that the small city has to offer. On top of the view and the mouthwatering food, dining there can be an excuse to spend some quality time with family or loved ones.

After a hearty meal and some family time, burn off the calories by swimming or just hire a boat in Anzio]and have a small round in the sea. Enjoy the tranquillity and the calmness the blue waves have to offer.

  1. Porto di Anzio – the real reason to visit Anzio:

The history and culture are good and provides as a great learning experience; however, the real gem of the city lies within its port. As already mentioned above, the city is known for its port and fishery. Every tourist is advised to take a breather and visit the port and witness the jaw-dropping beauty of pure, untouched nature in its full glory.

There are several boat rentals Anzio, just book one and witness the might and power of the waves beckoning the surfers to them.

  1. Rent a boat in Anzio Rivazzurra Beach:

Away from the crowd and the hustle and bustle of Rome lies a handful of serene beaches summoning the sea lovers to just take a dip and fall in love with the city for all eternity.

Boat rentals make the joyous trip double in excitement as the visitors don’t only get to visit the culture and history, but also get to take rounds around the city in boats along the coast and witness the jaw-dropping nature as well. Hire a boat in Anzio and be awed by the numerous sights the city has to offer!

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