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Can I get the owner's contact information?

For security reasons, the owner's contact details are only provided after confirmation and payment of the rental on the SamBoat website. Once the payment is made, the amount will be blocked in an escrow account in the name of the owner.

The transfer of the owner's revenue will be made 24 hours after the first day of rental. This delay allows you to notify us of any problems, such as a boat that does not conform to the ad.

Caution: Any person attempting to bypass the system by communicating their contact details via the platform may have their account suspended and/or deleted.

Furthermore, if you exchange outside the platform, it will also be more difficult for us to protect your data and you will be exposed to an increased risk of fraud and security issues, such as phishing.

We also encourage you never to make any payments outside our platform until the day of the rental. If you have done so, we invite you to contact us at or by phone at +44 20 8068 5683 so that we can verify whether it is a fraud.