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How does the damage waiver work?

We offer deposit insurance in partnership with Gritchen. 

In the event of a claim during the rental period, this insurance can reimburse up to €5,000 of your deposit.

You will have to pay a residual deductible (10% with a minimum of €200). 


You can select this insurance when you confirm your reservation, and up until the day before the first day of your rental, directly on your personal SamBoat space. 

Subscribing to the deposit insurance allows you to reduce the pre-authorization when you drop your deposit on the site. This option can only be applied if the deposit is managed by SamBoat. 


As a reminder, reducing the pre-authorization does not release you from your obligation to pay the full amount of the deposit in the event of damage.


If you have a claim during your rental period, you must report it to Gritchen via :

You will need to follow these steps to report your claim: 


  • Click on the "Make a claim" link.

  • Enter your policy number (found on the insurance certificate you received by e-mail. Remember to check your spam folder) or your contract number. 

  • Fill in the requested information in several steps:


  • First step: enter your contact details (surname, first name, email address, telephone number, address, zip code, city, country).

  • Second step: give details of your claim (date of claim, object and reason for claim, comments). If your reason is not listed, send an e-mail with your claim.

  • Third step: Provide details of your booking.

  • Fourth step: Add any necessary supporting documents.


Once the declaration is complete, a confirmation email with your claim file number will be sent to you. An administrator may contact you to request additional documents if necessary.

The deposit will be deducted, and the insurance company will reimburse you once the claim has been processed, and on receipt of the invoice for the repairs. 


Attention, certain cases are not covered, including:


  • Aesthetic damages such as scratches, stains, dents, etc.,

  • Damages resulting from a lack of maintenance or upkeep, normal wear and tear of the equipment, or arising from non-compliance with manufacturers' usage standards, as well as those resulting from inherent defects or lack of maintenance,

  • Mechanical breakdown (incident of a mechanical nature); it is specified that the accidental consequences of a breakdown fall within the scope of coverage,

  • Theft or loss of the boat,

  • Damages affecting the spinnaker or the boat's ancillary equipment (buoy, dinghy, dinghy engine), or any other mechanical or electrical instrument when these are not related to an insured event,

  • Damages resulting from tags and graffiti.


Similarly, there are certain exclusions to coverage, visit here to learn more.