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How does the deposit work?

The amount of the boat deposit is freely determined by the owner.  The deposit is used to pay for damage to the boat, the insurance excess or any damage caused to the owner.

The deposit can be freely managed by the owner directly or via the SamBoat platform.


- Via SamBoat:

48 hours before the start of the rental period, you will be asked to submit the deposit on the website. A pre-authorisation of the deposit amount will be made on your credit card, allowing us to verify the card validity.

The deposit is only charged in the case of damage, loss, theft of the boat, delay or non-fulfilment of the rental contract. To cover the costs of handling the deposit, SamBoat charges 5% of the amount charged (minimum handling fee of 100 euros).

When submitting a security deposit, some banks will check the funds in your bank account. This may result in a notification from your bank as a new online purchase, however this amount is not debited from your account if there is no declared claim.

By taking out the damage waiver option, you have the possibility of reducing the amount of the bank card's imprint (preauthorization) 

Please note that in the case of a damage, you will still be liable for the full amount of the security deposit indicated in the rental contract.

Note: The landlord has the right to ask you for an additional deposit to be paid at the time of the rental, this must be specified in the conversation, before the rental. 


- Directly by the owner:

The owner may ask for a deposit in cash or by credit card.

ATTENTION: You should never pay the deposit before you have seen the boat and the owner. In case the owner asks you to pay the deposit in advance, do not hesitate to contact us.

For safely sailing, you can subscribe to our deposit insurance at the time of payment of the booking.