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How does the deposit work?

The amount of the boat's deposit is freely determined by the owner. The deposit is used to pay for damage to the boat, the insurance deductible and any damage suffered by the owner.

A pre-authorization of the credit card is automatically made at the time of payment to guarantee the funds except for rentals with skipper and rentals where the owner manages the deposit directly.

The deposit is only used in the event of damage, loss, theft of the boat, delay or non-compliance with the rental contract. To cover the fees of calling the deposit, SamBoat charges 5% of the amount debited with a minimum of €100.

When paying for the reservation, some banks perform a pre-authorization on your bank account. This can result in a charge from your bank of 200€.

This amount is not deducted from your account. To navigate with peace of mind, you can subscribe to our damage waiver at the time of payment of the rental.

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Please note: The owner is entitled to ask you for an additional deposit by check at the time of rental