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I can't pay, what should I do?

Some problems may arise when making a reservation, but don't worry, there is always a solution :-).

If your payment doesn't work, you can find the reason why on the page of your request :


Here, the 3D Security authentification has not been done correctly.

The main problems that arise in the payment of a reservation are the following:


  • Card limit reached: Some banks have different limits for online transactions and live transactions. Make sure you have not yet reached your payment limit online with your bank advisor or in your account. If so, you can contact your bank to increase it, this may take a few minutes.
  • Lack of funds: Forgot to verify your account before booking? Make sure you have the funds for the reservation amount and any insurance before proceeding with the reservation payment, otherwise your payment will be rejected. If you don't have the funds, transfer them to the account linked to your payment card and that's all!
  • A card not accepted: Do you have a card from a country that is not part of the European zone? Our payment provider may encounter certain problems with non-SEPA countries. You can try again with another card. If you do not have another card, you can contact our customer service at or by phone at 05 35 54 41 46  to check if it is possible to make a payment by transfer.
  • No verification code received: Any transaction you make online today is verified with your bank for security reasons (and it's better this way!). That is why you receive a code on your phone or a confirmation request in your banking application to make an online payment.

If you haven't received anything, check the number on the verification page with your bank or that your banking app is working properly. If after several attempts you still do not receive anything, you can contact your bank to make sure they have no problems with your request.
For any problem with the rental payment, the SamBoat crew remains at your disposal by phone on +44 20 80 68 56 83 or at the email address