The Most Beautiful City Ports In Greece

By Kanika Dabra - October 3, 2019

With its deep roots in ancient history and irresistible charm of the coastlines, Greece has emerged to be one of the greatest tourist attractions for the lovers of the sea. Greece holds the great lure in its beautiful ports lined with coastlines, hidden coves, ancient ruins, sandy beaches, and waters of different colors that are enough to seduce one’s mind thoroughly. Moreover, the pleasant winds and the countless sea bays each one different from another, varying from city to city, are the perfect spot for a sailing experience in Greece.

What are the ten best cities ports in Greece for a mind-refreshing holidays or a sailing odyssey?


This is a port city in the region of Attica that lies along the Saronic Gulf. It’s one of the largest ports in Greece featuring magnificent yachts and sailboats drifting along the cool waters. In the territories of Attica, one can even roam around to meet people of different villages enjoying warm hospitability and relishing on delicious Greek food. 


Thessaloniki is a port city of Greece renowned for the history and culture it holds. It shows great diversity and beauty in its cuisine and traditions. The people here are fun-loving and enjoyable. You can spend memorable nights in Thessaloniki with great music, food, and the vast sea views for the eye to enjoy. 


This is the busiest capital of the Greek Island Crete. The mesmerizing sunsets and the bold shades of the sea will make you fall in love with this place. You can spend long evenings relaxing on the beach and exploring ancient ruins nearby. When on the sea, the waters of Heraklion will give you the best sailing memory of your life. 


This city has appeared to be one of the largest yet stunning city ports of Greece. It features a sense of grandeur in its architecture and lifestyle of the inhabitants. The sun rays falling on the open sea and the glistening shimmer of the water are enough to mesmerize one thoroughly. Apart from this, the ruins and monuments are attractions for history lovers.


The city of Kalamata holds great beauties for its visitors. It is the ideal sailing area with perfect summer-time winds and endless beach walks. The city boasts cafes, bars, taverns, historical buildings, markets and a summer dance festival that is bound to keep you captivated.


Igoumenitsa is undoubtedly one of the best city ports that Greece has yet to offer. It hosts a scenic view of the Kalamas valley along with seaside bounties like taverns, markets, and hidden coves. The breath-taking sunsets with pine and walnut trees in the vicinity, the city is a charm to the human eye and mind.


The peaceful and small city of Rafina lies on the east coast of Attica, with passenger ferries to the Cyclades Islands which are a popular worldwide destination. The Cyclades are bound to yearn a memorable sailing experience with sharp winds and hilly islands on the boundaries. 


This is the primary port city to Santorini Islands, which are well-known for their majestic beauty. These volcanic islands accompanied by hot springs are a perfect sailing choice. Dwelling in your yacht, you can enjoy the perfect romantic evening with delicious food and a bewitching sunset in front of your eyes.


The unmatched beauty of this city is surely underrated because Antikyra is home to the best beaches in Greece. It is a tranquil spot to walk around in the sand or to relax while the beautiful summer heat does its job. You can swim in the pleasant waters too. 


Being a port town in Crete, this city offers a vast variety of beaches. The golden sand of the beaches roasting in the summer sun and the endless waters that lay ahead are sure to captivate your attention. You can taste some of the best and richest cuisines of Greece here. 

If you’re an adventurer and you’re planning your next holidays in Greece, then the sailing experience through the volcanic Islands with the barren landscape view from the sea are for you!

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