Essential things to do in beautiful Mallorca

By Kanika Dabra - June 9, 2021

Mallorca is the Mediterranean island par excellence and is popular year round with those who want to enjoy a few days of relaxation. Along with the islands of Formentera, Ibiza and Menorca, Mallorca is the island in the Balearic archipelago. It is the largest island at 3,600km2 with around 850,000 inhabitants. The island is a holiday paradise that attracts sports lovers, those who are passionate about nature or those who simply seek peace and tranquillity. Mallorca combines charming villages, historical monuments and breathtaking landscapes.

When to visit Mallorca?

Due to its popularity, Mallorca receives many tourists throughout the year. Its climate makes it the perfect place for winter vacations for northern Europeans and is especially popular with German and British tourists. The spring months are perfect for those who want to enjoy the island in a calmer and more relaxed way. If you are looking to sunbathe and enjoy a dip in the sea, the best months are from May to October.

How to get to Mallorca?

Mallorca airport is the third largest Spanish airport making it simple to find direct flights from (almost) any Spanish airport. The duration of the trip will vary depending on your starting point, but it will be between 1 and 2 hours if you leave from the Spanish mainland or between 2 and 3 hours from Northern Europe.

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What can you do in Majorca?

Mallorca is a gorgeous holiday destination and there are plenty of things to do, no matter what holiday you are looking for. Below you will find some great ideas for your trip!

For lovers of walking through the most picturesque villages

We will start our tour of Mallorca by visiting its capital city. In Palma de Mallorca you can visit some of its most historic monuments, such as the Cathedral of Mallorca, the Bellver Castle and the Almudaina Palace.

Although if you want to visit some of those charming towns in Mallorca that we mentioned earlier, Sant Elm may be one of the most beautiful. An old fishing village in the north of the island with just over 400 inhabitants. Alcudia may be another of your options, a walled town with forts of the time.

Mallorca also has many beautiful quaint towns and villages to explore. Sant Elm is a wonderful old fishing village in the north of the island with some unforgettable views. On the west coast of the island, you will also find the walled town of Alcudia with its Roman ruins.

For lovers of the sea

For lovers of the seas, there are of course plenty of options on this fantastic island. You can visit one of its many coves and cool off in its waters or you can turn the tables and hop on a boat in Mallorca to enjoy the experience from the water. You can swim in coves that are not accessible by land and enjoy unique views. A great place to rent a boat is with Samboat.

At Samboat we have a wide variety of boat rentals of different sizes. You can choose from smaller boats of around 5 meters for 5 people to boats more than 20 meters in length. All Samboat boats can be rented with or without a skipper and not all of them require a license to be driven. Head to Mallorca and cool off in its beautiful waters for the best experience of the island!

For those looking for a mountain in Mallorca

For all those who seek to be in contact with nature, but on its greener and more abrupt side, we have to recommend the Sierra de Tramontana. A large wooded mountain range, full of cliffs and with incredible views of the island and the sea. It is 1430 meters high and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you still want more mountain, visit the caves of Drach, Hams or Artá. 3 calcareous-soled caves with the famous stalagmites and stalactites, lakes and even underground cathedrals. All this in the town of Port de Manacor.

Mallorca is a holiday destination that truly offers something for everyone. No matter what sort of holiday you are looking for this jewel of the Med is a great choice!

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