Sailing the British Virgin Islands

By Kanika Dabra - October 2, 2018

Sailing the British Virgin Islands is one of the top sailing destinations around the world and a quick look at the picturesque islands will immediately give you an indication of why.  For sailors, discovering secluded coves and unique snorkelling spots is one of its treasures.

Take a trip to this laid-back and incredibly low key destination and you’ll discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

For a yacht charter in the BVI, we’ve compiled some of the must see spots to get you ready for your voyage.


The largest island, Tortola, which also happens to be the capital, is one by perfect white-sand beaches and a lush green scenery.  On Tortola Island, you have numerous amount of beaches to swim in including Elizabeth Beach, Long Bay Beach, Smuggler’s Cove and Apple Bay, which are just a few of the beautiful spots the island has to offer.

Along with its beautiful views, the island has a rich history that merits to be discovered. With several museums and historical landmarks, you’ll find a way to appreciate the mix of of the West Indies past along with the present day island.

Virgin Gorda

If nature is more of your speed, then Virgin Gorda is the ideal place for you. With several protected national parks and unspoiled beaches, it will surely entrance you.

Along with its perfect scenery, this island provides another example of its rich, long history of traces back to African, Indian and Spanish past. If you take a stroll through the island, make sure to stop at one of its ruins, or walk up to the Gorda Peak for an incredible view of the surrounding islands.


One of the flattest islands, but also one with the most diverse wildlife is Anegada. The island has stunning coral reefs surrounding it and perfectly secluded beaches that are an adventure in themselves to find. On the island, you can find animals that are unique to the area and the snorkeling is truly in a class of its own.

Snorkelers will be amazed at the views provided as well as the tunnels and drops you will experience. If you prefer to stay above water, head to one of the calm and quiet shores including Flash of Beauty of Cow Wreck Beach.

Jost Van Dyke

If your thing is observing whales and dolphins, the island of Jost Van Dyke is the place for you. Named after a pirate, the island provides an abundance of local restaurants as well as a reputation for the parties that take place here. Although it is one of the smallest islands, by population and size, its atmosphere and beauty make it a memorable vacation spot.

For the British Virgin Islands, sailing is very tranquil and the waters are typically calm. For most sailors, they agree that the islands provide a line of sight navigation and are feasible for beginner of sailors with little experience. The average wind speed for the entire year stays around 10 knots and the beautiful weather remains year round.

Even though the islands are still recovering from the hurricane last year, local businesses are open again and there are plenty of berths and rooms available. The best time to go is now with the opportunity to boost local tourism.

One thing you can be sure of is wherever you decide to drop anchor, you’ll find beautiful scenery and incredible beaches. Although we only mentioned 4 of our favorite islands, keep in mind there are over 50 smaller islands waiting to be discovered!

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