Top Places For Your Holidays In The Caribbean

By Kanika Dabra - October 28, 2019

For more of the travelers, the Caribbean is the dreaming destination to visit. It will easily charm you with breathtaking islands landscape, and moreover by the 7000 individual islands belonging to this archipelago. Visiting them would take you an entire life.

To save your time for other beautiful discoveries, here is the top of the stunning islands worth to stop by once in life.

St. Barths

The French Island is considered the party place where to be. Moreover, you might be surprised meeting some celebrities during a boat party or cruise. Saint Bathélémy is also seen as the safest place with zero murder rate.

You’ll not have to take the risk while going to sail around, but you might not consider it the cheapest destination as it’s been classified as most exclusive place in the Carribean’s islands.


The French-Caribbean Island is situated in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, with its colorful villages, abundant forested mountains and white-sand beaches.

The sophisticated landscapes offer the best conditions for different outdoor activities as hiking, boating, canyoning and a plenty of other water-sports.

Being the ideal destination, yet cheap, Martinique has accessible flights from Europe with the discount airlines. The accommodation on the island is at a wide range of price points.

Is Martinique safe for tourists?

The murder rate decreased substantially from 2009 when it was registered at just 17. Meanwhile, being aware of your valuables and not letting them unguarded on the beach could help you to have a trouble – free holiday.


With an easy way to access to, and only one hour-long flight from Miami. The Bahamas are adapted for all tastes. For the lovers of partying, Nassau will have enough activities to divert you.

If you are a traveler who enjoys the relaxed and quiet vacations, Grand Bahama Island will be your crush.

Moreover, this Paradise Island is among the cheapest Caribbean Islands from which you’ll return rested but not broken. Flying for the lowest prices is now possible in September, October and January.

British Virgin Islands

The BVI englobes 60 islands, with Tortola the largest one. It could be the dream for the water sports passioned, or for ones who plan to spend their holidays on the white-sand beaches.

British Virgin Island also know for being the perfect boat destination. Either you anchor between Tortola and Virgind Gorda you can enjoy the turquoise water. Furthermore, stop and go to dive into the relaxed atmosphere of the Spanish Town

In terms of security, the British Virgin Islands are reported to have a much lower incidence of crime compared to any other Caribbean countries. Being an exclusive destination, this paradise attracts many visitors looking for sailing and confinement.

Prepare your deep pockets for this trip, or either come by ferry boat and spend one or two days!


From swimming waterfalls to reggae and Bob Marley’s Museum, this island will not find substitute.

The locals of the exotic location friendly will help and recommend you avoid the dangerous spots as Montego Bay and Kigston. A large number of murders are related to drug’s trade and most of the visits are trouble-free for travelers.

Either you access the island by plane or boat, once arrived on the Island you’ll have plenty of options on the cheaper end.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is the place cherished for the hidden beauties which can be explored by boat, such as the Mangroves or the Arch of Hell’s Gate Island.

Barbuda is one of the best kept ecological. It will impress you with its lagoons, wildlife and pink sand beaches. As a less touristic place, its unaffected natural world and the many varieties of its undersea life amaze you.

Know as the “Land of 365 Beaches”, the tropical Islands keep a very low crime rate.

If you’re not convinced yet, then we are! What could be better than 29 degrees the whole year along.


Cartagena is an undisputed territory present on the Caribbean coast. It is a historic city filled with a beauty that lies within centuries-old colonial stones.

Cartagena Old Town is a maze filled with cobbled alleys, massive churches, and balconies.

This place allows you to drop all sightseeing places and instead just stroll with your loved ones through the Old Town. Take in the sensual atmosphere and pause to ward off all in the city’s excellent restaurants and bars.

Cartagena is hard to leave as it makes you fell in love. This island offers an exceptional variety of places to visit for people of all ages! 

The boats take you on a trip around the city showing the gorgeous places you can’t see easily walking. These places include the Cholon, The Rosario Islands, and Playa Blanca.

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