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A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 93679 reviews
Henri Gabor

Roko was kind and helpful, the boat was clean and in perfect condition!

Henri Gabor

Antonio was super kind and helpful. Everything went well!

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Rent a boat with or without skipper in Amalfi, Italia

with SamBoat. Choose from a wide selection of sailboats, motor boats, RIBs, catamarans, yachts and canal boats. We offer a huge range of boats to hire from 50€/day. With the best offers, SamBoat helps you to find the ideal yacht charter for the perfect vacation.



Overview of the Amalfi Coast 


Amidst the vast infinite blue sky and the iridescent sea lies the Amalfi Coast, stretching both horizontally along the coastline and vertically through the terrains and up the mountains. Just south of Naples are some of Italy’s most captivating towns and islands spread along the coastline of fifty-kilometers on the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Rent a boat in Positano and explore the beautiful coast directly from the south of the Amalfi Coast. Starting from Positano immerses you directly in some of the most beautiful scenery of the area. 


Warm summers, mellow winters, lemon and orange spritz, fuses with saltiness in the breeze, and of course, the serene view has attracted tourists for many decades. This heavenly place has everything one could ever want and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy the seamless shift of the sea to the mountain and follow the natural course of the coastline present here. If you start your boat charter in Salerno, you will be able to see some of the most incredible sights on land as well. Full of archaelogical wonders and lush scenery, Salerno is a sailors dream. 


Get lost in Italy’s sun-kissed Mediterranean Coast and enjoy the unique beautiful scenery by boat. If you want to take a longer voyage, yacht charter from Naples and see the entire region over 7 days. 


When to sail in the Amalfi Coast?


The high season of the Amalfi Coast yacht charter generally runs from May to October. If you are looking for the hottest months, then you will need to visit in July and August as May and October have temperatures in the lower 20s. The winds are generally very manageable with winds in the morning having a light force of 2. In the afternoon, the winds generally pick up and will reach a force of 4. During the summer months, these winds will usually come from the south. 


Pricing and Availability 


Depending on whether you choose to rent a motorboat or charter a yacht, the prices for the boat hire service will vary. For yacht charters, keep in mind that fuel, port fees and other extras are additional. During the high season, you will be expected to pay a premium for yacht charters. When chartering a yacht, you will pay on average 450€ a day for a catamaran and around 350€ a day for sailboats. When renting motorboats, the pricing will be a bit different due to the wider inventory and different classifications of boats. We suggest playing around with the filters until you find the boat that is best for your project. 


For yacht charters in the high season, we highly recommend to start your search in November or December. This will give you enough time to speak with an advisor that will help you find the best boat for your budget and project. Searching in advance will also give you access to the biggest inventory as 65% of boats are already booked by March. For motorboats, we high recommend booking at least two months in advance. 


Do you need a license to rent a boat in the Amalfi Coast?


When chartering a yacht, you will need a license to rent a boat. If you are from an EU member state, than your license will be valid in Italy. For those coming from outside of the EU, we recommend applying for an ICC that is validated by the UN. If you are rentin a motorboat, anything over 40 horsepower will require an approved license. 


If you are renting as a bareboat, you will have to fill out your nautical CV detailing your previous experience. 


Amalfi Boat Rental  


Amalfi Coast is without a doubt one of the most well-known coastal areas of Italy present in the Mediterranean. Its landscape is characterized by gorgeous multi-color villages present on the green hits where succulent fruit grows on trees surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Boat rentals are the best way to enjoy the Amalfi coast from a tranquil and exclusive panoramic point of view. Amalfi Coast may only stretch on for about 30 miles, but it offers its visitors idyllic beauty and fine Italian luxury for a breathtaking trip. Dive in its winding seaside roam and take a walk through the charming coastal towns. Breath the fresh air from its scenic beaches, take a look at their large villas and gorgeous gardens and stay in one of the best hotels in the world.


There are many reasons why one must visit this gorgeous coast including the unmatched views from the Villa Rufolo present in Ravello. Don’t forget to take a drive south from Sorrento to Salerno and channel your inner Marcello. Buy exquisite handmade ceramic pieces sold by the locals along this coast to add something to your collection.


The tiny villages with its colorful cliff-side perch, charming piazzas, and beautiful churches are exactly what Amalfi coast reflects. Some well-known sites of interest present on this island are the urban layouts that help keep the medieval aspect of this island alive. With narrow cobbled streets, and stairs and alleys leading to the picturesque squares overlooking the small chapels and beautiful medieval palaces, every nook and cranny is a site to discover!


Take a walk to have a look at the remains of the towers and castle of Pogerola and visit the ancient arsenals of the Maritime Republic. But that’s not all there is; you can also lease a boat and take your visit to a whole new level.


The summer season on this coast runs from the month of April towards the end of October. This makes spring the ideal season to rent a boat; especially if you are looking for mild temperatures, flowery coasts, little rain, and other tourist visiting sites. Amalfi coast is without a doubt, incredibly enhancing in spring.

You can rent a boat in Capri and sail to Amalfi. Do not forget to visit Sorrento and Procida.

A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 93679 reviews
Henri Gabor

Roko was kind and helpful, the boat was clean and in perfect condition!

Henri Gabor

Antonio was super kind and helpful. Everything went well!