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Renting a Boat in Naples


Southern Italy’s largest city, Naples, is located in the Campania region and should be on your list of top destinations to visit. Aside from being the birthplace of pizza, the city has a wide variety of offerings. Once you arrive in the city and take a walk between the historic buildings, you’ll instantly feel like a local due to its booming atmosphere.


After (or before) your yacht charter, one must make it a point to discover the intricacies of Naples. Protected by the UNESCO World Heritage site, the only thing that has changed in the last centuries are the people. As you walk through the city, you’ll notice historic buildings and statues, which constitute it as an open air museum. When taking in the beautiful views, be on the lookout for a local pizzeria full of locals to sample what true pizza should taste like. People in Naples take their ingredients very seriously as they have certain rules that are allowed to be placed on very specific dough. If this isn’t enough, try the eggplant parmesan, which was also created in Naples. This is the perfect place to rent a boat in the Campania region. 


When to Sail in Naples


The sailing season of Naples and the best time to charter a yacht on Amalfi Coast correspond perfectly with the perfect temperatures of the Mediterranean. For Naples, it is best to sail between the months of May and September. Keep in mind that the busy months will be July and August and the coast will be covered with tourists. If you're looking for the quieter months, try to sail outside of the peak summer months. 


Do I need a license to charter a yacht in Naples?


The Italian legislation will be different depending on the type of boat and the size. For sailboats, you will need a license if you plan on sailing beyond 6 miles from shelter. Anything under this, no license is required. 


For motorboats, you do not need a license if the boat has less than 40hp, anything above this, you will need to present a valid license. In either case for both boats, you will have to provide a nautical CV which details your previous sailing experience regarding the boats you've captained and the waters you've sailed. Skipper's are also available for your boat rentals depending if it is a professional yacht charter or a boat rental by owner.


Overview of Naples 


When it’s time to hit the Gulf of Naples, your yacht charter will make it easy to see any of the islands of your choosing. If you head west of Naples, the first islands you will encounter will be Ischia and Procida. In Ischia, the island will feel like a paradise as soon as it is in your sights. Full of vineyards, forests, and spectacular scenery, it is obvious why this is a main destination for Italian domestic travel. If you’re looking for an island that is less frequented by tourists, Procida might be more your speed. One of the smallest islands in the Bay of Naples, the island has not lost any of its personality and is still considered to be a true reflection of Old Italy. Travel on foot to discover the true beauty and character of Procida then lay out a towel on the Lido di Procida beach. With the close locations of everything around, you see the coast and even sail to Salerno


Hiring a boat in Naples will give you the opportunity to maximize your travels by creating a custom itinerary with no limitations. Choose from different types of boats including catamarans, sailboats, yachts and motorboats with the option of having a skipper. If you don't have your license, don't worry as you can always rent a boat with a skipper that will guide you through the hidden treasures of Naples. 

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