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Boat Rental La Spezia & Yacht Charter

Rent a skippered or bareboat in La Spezia

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Rent a boat in La Spezia. 


The Most Underrated Coastal Town in Italy



Situated on the western coast of Italy, La Spezia is the hub of its navy. La Spezia has quite a few things to be proud of. For example:

  • It is the second largest city in Liguria, northwest of Italy
  • It is a popular cruise hub
  • It is a proud next door neighbor to a series of UNESCO world heritage sites

La Spezia still is unable to host as many tourists as it would like. It is an extremely affordable place for overnight stays if you are on your way to Cinque Terre, which a huge tourist attraction. It has a strong military hold and has played a prominent part in Italian import and export via sea for centuries.

La Spezia houses centuries’ worth of historical and cultural harvest; because it is nestled right between Pisa and Genoa, it is in easy access to all the coolest and hip places in Italy, you can easily rent a boat or train from La Spezia to Pisa, Florence, and Genoa, or Cinque Terre.



Boat rental in La Spezia


Once you are in La Spezia, there are a ton of activities that you can do, a few of which are listed below. You can fully enjoy all these excursions when you hire a boat in La Spezia.


La Spezia to Cinque Terre


La Spezia is considered a gateway to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is basically a culmination of five seaside villages at the base of terraced hills that fall steeply towards the sea. Cinque Terre is mostly visited by hikers, hiking through the mountains, vineyards, and villages. However, if you are not a hiker you can still enjoy the serene beauty of Cinque Terre by services provided by the boat rental La Spezia. This way one can witness the natural coastline of the picturesque city without breaking a sweat.

Guides for tourists are also available who can provide you with a step-by-step of the beautiful coasts. With its deep water harbor, La Spezia can accommodate even the largest cruise-liners. Because it is dirt cheap and completely affordable, whenever visiting it is mandatory for tourists to cruise around the islands and coastal areas, just rent a boat and enjoy the scenery.


Visit the Isola Palmaria


There is a natural gem hidden at the southern Gulf of La Spezia by the name of Isola Palmaria. The island is a house of a number of caves, and the picturesque beaches are to die for. The beaches are filled with small fishing boats and small restaurants and facilities.

The coastline is vivid, and boat tours are the best way to witness the majestic island first hand. During the summer, ferries are found going to and fro from La Spezia and Lerici to the northern side of the island.


The town of Lerici


Adjacent to the bay of La Spezia one would find a beautiful coastal town named Lerici. It is one of those majestic places which are mentioned by the poets and the novelists in the romantic era. Literary artists such as Shelley, Byron, and D. H. Lawrence have mentioned Lerici in their works countless times, and to this date, Lerici acts as a beacon for the novice artists who are in constant search for inspiration.

At the distance of 8km from La Spezia, Lerici can be enjoyed if one would just rent a boat and witness the breathtaking beauty firsthand. It is amazing to see the harbor crowded with hundreds of small fishing boats and fisherman going about their business as usual. Lerici holds the same appeal to the tourists as Cinque Terre but without having to deal with the crowds.


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