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Rent a boat with or without skipper in Norway:


Norway must be one of the purest places in the world. Untouched nature, and wild landscapes have their place all across the country. From the deep and dense forests to the impressive mountains looking down on marvellous fjords and waterways, it’s a place that will make you deeply wonder and be fascinated by earth’s beauty. Hiring a boat is the best way to discover the scenery and incredible views that Norway has to offer. Sail from one fishing village to another, discover local dishes and the kindness of the people that live there. The seasons are extremely polarised and your experience will surely be very different depending on the time of year. Norway has everything you would want to experience, whether you want to see a snowy environment and northern lights in the sky, or have endless days and see the midnight sun.


When should you hire a boat in Norway:


The seasons in Norway are vastly different, we could even say that they are complete opposites. This is because of the geographical location of the country very high up in the north, a big part is actually in the Arctic circle. 


  • In winter time, the days are very short and the higher you go north the less daylight. In fact some towns will experience no sunrise at all from November 20th for about two months.


  • In summer time it’s the contrary with the midnight sun occurring for 76 days. This means that there is no sunset for this length of time.


If you want to hire a boat in Norway we suggest that you visit during summertime. The weather is good with sunshine, good climate and most of all you can sail at any time, even at midnight!


Pricing and information for a boat rental in Norway:


Prices in Norway are much more expensive than in most European countries. Fortunately for you, SamBoat offers really good prices compared to local fees. If you want to hire a boat, the prices start at 250€ per day for a sailboat. 

Make sure you book well in advance as boats can be hard to hire because of high demand especially during high season.


Do you need a licence to charter a yacht in Norway:


Depending on the type and size of the boat, you may need a boating certificate in Norway in order to hire a boat. You also have to be at least 18 years old.


  • For a boat larger than 8 metres in length or with an engine more powerful than 25 HP you need a boating licence and ICC (International Certificate of Competence).


  • For boats that exceed 15 metres, you need another type of licence called the “Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft”


Where to sail in Norway


If you plan on visiting Norway, you probably thought about renting a boat in Oslo. It’s an eco-friendly city that has a lot to provide. Rent a boat in Oslo and you’ll quickly be cruising through the amazing fjords of the region.


If you’re looking for more of an adventure, hire a boat in Tromso and sail down the Lofoten archipelago. This might be the most amazing place in Norway, with countless islands, fjords, mountains and some of the best and most recognized viewpoints on the planet. 


A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 98389 reviews