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Rent a boat with or without skipper in Raiatea:


Raiatea is one of the biggest islands in French Polynesia. With fantastic mountains and ocean scenery, it’s the ideal place for a boat rental holiday. French Polynesia accommodates the world’s most beautiful yet astonishing landscape. For nature lovers, whether you like to spend your time hiking in the mystical mountains or diving in the crystal blue ocean, Raiatea offers everything you need. This location also provides some of the best water sports activities. With perfect barreling waves for surfers or the untouched sea life to explore by going snorkelling. Make sure you rent a boat and cruise around the island. There are endless free diving spots and sea life definitely has its home in Raiatea.


Best time to hire a boat in Raiatea:


You can visit Raiatea all year round as it has warm weather conditions all the time. The rainy season is from November to April. Even if it doesn’t get cold, it is a season with lots of precipitation. Visit the island from May to October as you will have the best weather with sunny days and a lot less rain. It’s the dry season, and also the most popular season for tourists. Therefore, we suggest that you book your boat rental in Raiatea well in advance. 


Pricing and information for boat rental in Raiatea


The dry season is when most tourists come to visit the island. With more demand, the prices increase on boat rentals make it more difficult to find good prices, especially if you didn’t book in advance! We recommend visiting Raiatea in Spring or Fall. These are the best times to come, with warm conditions and clear skies, it’s also when there are relatively less tourists.


Do you need a licence to charter a yacht in Raiatea?


Raiatea is an island in French Polynesia. Therefore French laws apply to boat rentals on the island. You do need a boating licence if you want to hire a motorboat in Raiatea. No licence is required If you intend to charter a sailboat. On the other hand, some boat owners or companies will still demand it for insurance purposes. Make sure to check our boats in Raiatea as we give the possibility to rent with skipper If you don’t have a boating certificate. A skipper will conn the boat and guide you along your journey. Rent a boat in French Polynesia and discover the other islands.


What to do in Raiatea?


Raiatea is the perfect place to start your yacht charter in French Polynesia. With great views, good weather and friendly locals, you could go island hopping by hiring a boat and exploring everything the place has to offer. French Polynesia is composed of 5 archipelagos and over 100 islands. For instance, you could also charter a yacht in Tahiti. In Raiatea, find a hidden beach or anchor point and go for a snorkelling session. You will be amazed by the colourful sea floors and by the variety of the species that inhabit the ocean. The crystal clear waters make you want to drink directly from the sea. It’s a place for taking good instagram photos too! 


About SamBoat


With SamBoat, choose your favourite boat out of a wide selection of motor boats, RIB’s, catamarans, yachts and canal boats. We offer a large number of boats that you can hire for the best prices. Find the perfect yacht charter in Raiatea.

A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 98939 reviews