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How do you handle a claim?

In case of damage during your navigation, the owner has 48 hours to report a claim directly from his SamBoat space. As a renter, you can also notify SamBoat by sending an email to

> If the deposit is managed by SamBoat, it will be blocked on an escrow account while the file is being processed. The claims department will inform you by email. Please note that during this process, SamBoat is an intermediary.

> If the deposit is managed directly by the owner, we do not intervene in the management of the claim. However, you can send us a message if you have any questions.

For renters who have subscribed to the damage waiver insurance on SamBoat at the time of payment, it is important to declare the claim to Gritchen (All the elements for your declaration are on the email that was sent to you at the time of your confirmation).

In case the owner declares the claim to his insurance, you will then be liable for the difference and any repairs not covered.

During certain periods, it may take more or less time to obtain a quote or to have the insurance cover.

You can also provide us with any supporting documents that may be useful in processing your claim.

As soon as SamBoat receives the estimate for the repairs or the details of the owner's insurance, the claims team will get back to you.

You will then have the possibility to either make an amicable settlement with the owner or SamBoat will compensate the owner with your deposit.
With this second solution, a management fee will be applied (5% of the amount of the deposit with a minimum of 100€).

For any further information, you can send a message to the claims team: