Best Bars and Restaurants on the Coast of Athens

The coast of Athens is home to some of the best and highly revered restaurants and bars in Greece. If you are planning on stopping off on your boat trip to Athens this year, we have compiled a list of 10 restaurants you have to try right on the Athens Riviera. Krabo Source: @krabobeach Despite being only a 15-minute drive from the centre of Athens, Krabo is a beach restaurant located in

5 Upcoming Events in Athens in 2023

If you’re planning an escape to Athens this year and thinking about when to go, we have listed some of our favourite events in Athens in 2023 to book your next holiday around. Miaoulia Festival Around June 24th Off the coast of Athens, a popular day-trip destination is the island of Hydra, with the best time to go during the month of June, when the annual Miaoulia festival is held in h

5 Boat Shows to Look Out for In 2023

If you’re looking into buying or renting a boat this 2023, or are a big fan of everything nautic, then look no further than this list. We have compiled the 5 Boat Shows to attend this year, whether looking to rent or buy, or even if you just want to experience the latest technology and advancements on the aquatic scene. Miami International Boat Show February 15th-19th 2023 This week, t

Palermo dayboat route

Palermo is Sicily’s most populated city and the Italian island’s capital. Located in the island’s northern part, it is surrounded by incredible landscapes. On a Palermo dayboat route, visit some of Sicily’s most charming sites, explore the gorgeous coastline and participate in fun activities all around. Palermo has some fascinating places to visit around it, from beautiful beaches with cr

Mykonos dayboat route

Mykonos is a small Greek island located in the Aegean sea. It’s part of the world-class Cyclades archipelago and has become a hotspot for warm holidays in the past couple of years. Mykonos offers a vibrant party atmosphere, as well as beautiful scenery. On a Mykonos dayboat route, enjoy cruising around the island by anchoring at wonderful beaches along the way. From the crystal clear sea to cha

La Spezia dayboat route

You might not have heard much about la Spezia, as it is not the main attraction in the area, the Ligurian region is most famously known for the five authentic Italian villages nearby  “Cinque Terre”. Indeed, la Spezia is very well located and is just a few minutes away from the beautiful range of villages. This makes this town the perfect place to rent a boat in Italy for a full day trip. Vi

7-day boat trip in the Bay of Naples

The Amalfi Coast stands out from the rest of the Italian landscape for its rugged terrain and unique natural scenery. By sailing along the southwest coast of Italy you will discover charming little coves, as well as inland landscapes, such as cultural sites, vineyards and volcanic landscapes.  Discovering Naples We suggest that you start your sailing itinerary along the Amalfi Coast fr

5 tips for having a stress-free sailing experience with kids

Sailing with children can help you bond and create unforgettable experiences with them, as long as the right safety measures are taken! Below you will find the ultimate tips for stress-free sailing with kids. Before setting sail Tip 1: Choose the right destination  Before setting sail, plan the route and the destinations well. Some may not be safe to sail with children, either becau

5 best anchorages in Croatia

Croatia and the Adriatic Sea have been a paradise for sailors for years. With more than a thousand islands, islets and reefs, a boat rental in Croatia is a unique experience for all types of sailors and their boats. Certain places in Croatia hide secrets that are worth discovering while sailing. This article brings you the most fascinating and unique anchorages in Croatia, where you can safely

5 simple ideas for cooking on a boat

Have you ever cooked on board a boat? If you haven’t, let me tell you that kitchens on boats are not the most spacious and functional. That is why practicality and ingenuity play a huge role when it comes to cooking on board. In this post, we have listed five easy and healthy recipes to cook when you are sailing. All these recipes are perfect for cooking in a small and not equipped kitchen.