Top Sailing Destinations for 2020

By Kanika Dabra - December 19, 2019

In 2020, the waters are looking warm and the winds are feeling calm, which means it’s perfect for sailing. We have compiled a list of the most desired destinations for 2020. This, however, does not mean that the destinations will be overcrowded. You’ll have a boat, which means hidden beaches and secluded islands that will leave you feeling more peaceful than ever. 

British Virgin Islands

It is no surprise that the BVI are listed on the top destinations for 2020. With the perfect climate and calm waters, the islands are perfect for all levels of sailors. Like much of the Caribbean, the main charm of the British Virgin Islands is the island hopping. The islands are close enough in proximity that sailing to each can be done in less than a day. While visiting the different islands, you’ll immediately see how unique each one is, even though they are relatively close in distance.

For the BVI, keep in mind the sailing season is a bit earlier than most with the ideal sailing conditions starting in December and ending in early May. Plan a week yacht charter in the BVI and experience the full relaxation that the Caribbean offers. 

Canal du Midi

A rising star in the boating world is the Canal du Midi located in the South of France. If you’ve never been on a canal boat, then you don’t know tranquility. The canal boats in the Canal du Midi are easy going, with smooth voyages throughout a relaxed river. In this specific destination, you boat down the river and see the true inner beauty of France.

On the Canal du Midi, you’ll encounter anything from castles to some of the most interesting villages in the country. For those interested in history, you will see traces of France’s past and how it has evolved over the past few decades. Pair this with the gastronomic traditions and this vacation will surely top your list. Another plus is that these canal boats can be rented without a license, so those wanting to captain the boat may do so. 


Ask any sailor and they will continuously say that Greece is one of their top destinations year after year. With an amazing local cuisine and islands for days, charter a catamaran and spend a week exploring the different islands.

The most common departure point for Greece is chartering from Athens, which situates you perfectly for your island adventure. If you love to explore, you will have a hard time creating a custom itinerary with so many options available to you. With a picturesque scenery and some of the most beautiful coasts in the world, you will find the setting of your dreams in no time. 


For those wanting a more adventurous, exotic destination can head straight to Phuket in Thailand. In this region, it is warm all year round, but for sailing season, it is best to visit between November to April. Much of the charm of sailing in Thailand is in the turquoise water and the hidden beaches you’ll discover.

This area is becoming more popular for yacht charters so now is the perfect time to explore the region. You can sail through the region and find untouched beaches with some of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the world. If this isn’t enough for you, head to one of the 130 islands available to you and explore the amazing coasts and incredible jungles.


Chartering a yacht in Sardinia is a once in a lifetime experience. The stunning scenery of the region will leave you in awe. One of the highlights of sailing in Sardinia is the collection of islands called La Maddalena Islands, that have been designated a National Marine Park.

Sail along the coastline while discovering the islands and indulge in the well known, local cuisine. Another common part of a Sardinian itinerary is sailing north to explore Corsica and more specifically Bonifacio. Explore the beautiful scenery and enjoy the near perfect weather. 


When visiting Montenegro, you’ll immediately notice the wonderful combination of everything that makes up a great vacation. The panoramic views paired with an incredible local gastronomic scene and endless vineyards makes it a unique, dream destination.

In terms of sailing, the blue sea with a mountainous backdrop will be something you’ll never see again. The scenic beauty of the coastline will be sure to leave you in awe. Charter a yacht in Montenegro and get to know the coast from a different perspective. The Adriatic Coast has plenty of sights and hidden beaches stretching from Venice to Corfu, satisfying all of your holiday demands.

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