Lelystad stands as the quintessential destination for embarking on an unforgettable sailing journey through the Netherlands. Nestled within this charming town is the renowned Deko Marina, a haven boasting an array of vessels awaiting your exploration. Among these, is an alluring selection of catama
As September unfolds, it heralds the commencement of classes and ushers in the transition from summer to autumn in the northern hemisphere. At SamBoat, we perceive the onset of this month as an exceptional opportunity to embark on a sailing adventure during a season marked by diminished crowds. Imp
If you are exploring Miami soon, and are looking for the best way to explore nearby destinations, a charter around Miami is the perfect way to do this. With our charter route from the Port of Miami, you will get to adventure to the famous Florida Keys, as well as experiencing Miami life in other de
If you plan to sail in the UK, Southampton is the place to go. With the port of Southampton being the best harbour in the UK, and a gateway between the rest of the world and Britain, it is no wonder that sailors love the city of Southampton so much, with the Southampton International Boat Show bein
Miami has everything anyone would want for a dreamy holiday. White sand beaches, plenty of sun, water sports, sailing, historical sites, top-notch nightlife, and more. You name it, this city has it all! Renting a boat in Miami is one of the best things to do and definitely a big part of the culture
The Florida Keys are one of the best boating destinations in the world. It’s a paradise for anyone looking for an exciting adventure, with hundreds of spots to explore it also makes a relaxing place to clear the mind. The Keys are a stretch of islands located in the ocean south of Florida. There
We thought about an amazing 7-day itinerary in the Gocek Bay in Turkey. Cruising in Turkey means that you will do something different from the usual sailing itineraries in Europe. When should you go on a cruise in Turkey? The best time to cruise in Turkey is between the months of May and Nove
At SamBoat, we thought about the best 7-day sailing itinerary that will allow you to enjoy the Mexican beaches and small coastal towns. The starting point gives direct access to the Sea of Cortez, a famous place to spot sea lions, whales, sharks and turtles. You will also be able to taste traditio
The Algarve region of Portugal is famous for the sea caves that have been formed along the coastline. Renting a boat is the only way to access these natural rock formations. If you wish to enter these caves, we recommend that you rent a small RIB boat. The Algarve region is located in the very s
With nearly 300 km of coastline, Montenegro is an ideal cruising destination. Explore Montenegro’s coastline by boat through a custom 7-day itinerary. Spend one week discovering the ideal sailing environment when you charter a yacht in Montenegro from the mouths of Kotor to Tivat. Navigati
Phuket has slowly become one of the top destinations for sailors worldwide. To find out why, we recommend chartering a yacht in Phuket and going to the Phi Phi Islands, through Krabi and Sirinat Park, to enjoy the lush, unique scenery and the translucent Thai lagoons. A one week cruise between Phan