General Sailing

Whether you're an experience sailor or it's your first time, it's important to fine tune our craft. Find sailing tips to keep you up to date and polished for your next outing.
This year, numerous people will hit the waters again and today our objective is still and will always be to allow you to practice your passion in the best conditions! Every sailor must know and respect the rules that will prevent them from endangering their own life and that of their crew. First
When one thinks of a planning a beach holiday, most people decides to book a ticket to travel abroad. However, there are plenty of countries where there is an option to have a seaside holiday within borders. Even though the current situation enables travelling again, it is more complicated than
Your desire to sail is as strong as ever, but you don’t want to take the risk of booking a boat in the current conditions. SamBoat has the solution with the new Covid-19 cancellation insurance. Covid-19 Insurance – Frequently asked questions 1) Can I cancel my rental before the depart
A license is mandatory to rent a motor boat and that’s why Samboat has partnered with several boating schools to give you the best options. With schools all over the world, you’ll be able to choose a school near you and benefit from some special offers. Discover our wide range of partn
If you are a sailor, a practitioner of water sports or rent a boat for holiday you have a special relationship with the environment and more particularly with the ocean. Many people wonder what impact their sport has on this delicate ecosystem. Here is a list of tips on how to preserve your playgro
When it comes to renting a boat and going on a sailing holiday, night sailing attracts many sailors. Indeed, there is nothing more mysterious than hearing one’s ship sailing in total darkness. Offshore racing skippers are usually spend nights at sea to win their regattas. However, in the case of
Having a stress free vacation is top priority for all of as when it comes to travelling. This is the same for sailing too. Since prices at the pump remain high, it is even more useful to pay attention to certain technical parameters that can really reduce fuel consumption. If you rent a boat, here
The beautiful season is coming back and with it, the desire to sail. After having wintered the boat to protect it from the bad weather, it is now essential to prepare it for the new season. Here are the 6 essential steps to follow for a successful season. 1. Check the sensitive points Every s
You rent a boat and like everyone, your main goal is to enjoy your day out. But you know the sea and unfortunately, you’re never safe from a glitch. Even though all boats are insured for rental on SamBoat, you will be liable for the amount of the deposit in case of damage. In the event of a
Currently, there have emerged some amazing apps for sailors and boaters worldwide. These apps not only give you accurate weather and tide information but also update you on various routes and marine traffic. Moreover, they also provide you with timely information about wind in your area and also al
While you’re just going for a quick sailing trip around the lake or you’re planning to sail out on an ocean passage, there are some basic sailing knots that you should know. Considering the different situations that a beginner or an advanced sailing enthusiast can discover offshores, this gu
Before you go on your first sailing trip, it’s important to know some essential nautical terms. Without knowing these common terms, you might find yourself feeling lost when the captain starts throwing around orders. To make life easier for you before renting your sailboat, learn these nautical t
The international boating license question Thinking of taking sail across Europe? Depending on your situation, you may need a boating licence to do so. A boating licence is generally not a requirement when renting a vessel along with a guide. The guide (skipper) is certified and will handle
Our long, supposed to be refreshing beach trips or boat parties usually end up being a disappointment because of two major problems that we do not take precautions for: the sun and motion sickness. These two often occur on trips and parties when we least expect them to. Before serious sun damage and
For a safe, easy and enjoyable sail, it is a must for the sailors to be a part of the boat, for which it is mandatory to know the nautical terms. It is also very necessary to be safe while onboard. Imagine, while on a cruise, you hear the people around you talking in arcane terms that sound alien to