General Sailing

Whether you're an experience sailor or it's your first time, it's important to fine tune our craft. Find sailing tips to keep you up to date and polished for your next outing.
To learn the basics of sailing would be the first step for any beginner. There are many ways one can learn to sail like: Signing up for a formal course Learning from an experienced sailor Get a hold of a boat and teach yourself through trial and error Learn Sailing Terms The first thing that you s
What comes to the minds of many people when they are invited to a party is mainly not the venue but the fun, the thrill and the celebrations. Considering that many parties happen in the evenings, people always think of evening wear and something that can look glamorous in the bright, rotating, disco
What type of boat makes for a really good outing? Going fishing? Prefer watersports? At Samboat, one of the questions we receive most frequently is what type of boat should a person rent for their thrilling vacation. Obviously, this depends on a lot of factors and will rely on what your specific des
Everyone has the dream of sailing in iconic sailing spots around the world. The old adage rings true in that the grass always looks a little greener on the other side of the fence. And after all, the joy of sailing is discovering new lands and going on new adventures.   Perhaps a dream destination