General Sailing

Whether you're an experience sailor or it's your first time, it's important to fine tune our craft. Find sailing tips to keep you up to date and polished for your next outing.
Renting a boat is practical, user-friendly and above all extremely simple! Today, SamBoat reveals a few tips to boost your bookings and rent your boat quickly.  1 – Take nice pictures of your boat  This is one of the most important aspects! Take your photos in good weather with a good qua
Take a break from the ocean life and rent a canal boat on some of the world’s most picturesque waterways. Scape from your hectic life and bask in the sun on a canal getaway. Choose from one of the top destinations below to start your holiday.  A canal cruise is all about relaxation as the can
At SamBoat, we came up with a list of the 5 best anchorages in Italy that you can include in your upcoming boating journey! Italy is full of wonderful places to visit, especially if you are looking forward to enjoying a bit of sun with incredible scenery and a taste of fascinating culture. Ital
Basic sailing terms are essential for safe and appropriate sailing. Knowing how to use these terms are key to good communication which will allow you to better understand what the situation is onboard. Even if using these terms might sound corny, they have been around for centuries and using them c
Women sailors have made history by leaving their mark on the sailing world. They have achieved amazing accomplishments and demonstrated their resilience in the most challenging scenarios. Here is our compilation of some of the most inspirational women in the sailing world. They have demonstrated th
Sailing with children can help you bond and create unforgettable experiences with them, as long as the right safety measures are taken! Below you will find the ultimate tips for stress-free sailing with kids. Before setting sail Tip 1: Choose the right destination  Before setting sail
Once again, the SamBoat team got together to list the best books about sailing and adventures at sea. After many heated debates, we were able to agree on a definitive list of must-read books about sailing. A must-have for any respectable sailor out there! Get your preferred reading spot ready to se
Fishing is one of the most enriching activities to enjoy with family or friends. It helps us to clear our minds and take the stress out of our daily routine. In this blog, we list the six best destinations to go fishing. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out in the sport. Ca
Why not choose a destination surrounded by nature for your next holiday? Take a break from the city and disconnect from work, visit some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Lakes are usually calmer and generally easier to navigate compared to the sea, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable bo
Every day nature brings us a spectacle that we rarely get the chance to enjoy. Sunsets take the sky as a canvas and paint it with unique colours. In this post, we compile the best locations to witness the beauty of a perfect sunset in the Mediterranean by boat.  Zadar, Croatia Zadar is o
Sailing with your family can create unique and unforgettable memories but there are a few things to be aware of before you set sail. To ensure a good experience for the whole family, you need to take into account the youngest members of the crew. Children and teenagers tend to get bored easily, so
Croatia and the Adriatic Sea have been a paradise for sailors for years. With more than a thousand islands, islets and reefs, a boat rental in Croatia is a unique experience for all types of sailors and their boats. Certain places in Croatia hide secrets that are worth discovering while sailing.
Greece is one of the best destinations to rent a boat and sail. It has over a hundred islands, paradisiacal beaches and plenty of places to visit by boat. It can be hard to choose a place to stop and chill out with such an array of beautiful spots. In this article, we have listed the best spots to
Samboat introduction Samboat is the leading boat marketplace in France founded in 2014 by Nicolas and Laurent, two passionate men about boating with professional business background. Samboat has been gaining high reviews and approvements from its users ever since. It’s the most fast-growing di
Have you ever seen images of sailors facing storms in the middle of the ocean? Some sailing areas around the world are known to be very dangerous. On the occasion of great ocean races, experienced captains will venture there and produce incredible images. Certain passages are scary, even for the mo